What’s in our future for 2021?

Most people will say 2020 was a difficult year, and it was for many worldwide. We are now moving away from lock-downs and into the future. So what will 2021 bring for our shared well being. I think we will find that going back to our old ways of doing things has changed dramatically. Many people are in a state of mourning for lost income, lost time and the loss of loved ones.

Time is a precious commodity and we all want to get on with our living so lets all try and make up for that lost time by a discussion about what we want more of, as well as what we want to experience less, in our lives.

Lots of couples have found that being in constant proximity has had a negative effect on their relationship. Is now the time to strengthen the bond or make a clean break? Has that decision been made for you, if so what next?

There has been hardship and upset, with simply earning a living. Is your head saying time to find new employment or even become self employed? There are so many opportunities that reveal so many new decisions.

If, like many, you are confused with which direction you should be heading. Then consider a private and confidential Tarot reading. It will be like a mirror held up for you to reflect on options that you may not otherwise see. I will explain the choices you are faced with and help you to decide which direction best suits your hearts desire.

We can be who we want to be! Everyone has a choice…