Tarot Testimonials

Over the years Diana has had some wonderful feedback from her many satisfied Tarot clients. Here are just a few personal Tarot Testimonials that Diana has received. If you have visited Diana either in person or online and would like your testimonial to be included, then please send it to this address:  diana@dianaluke.co.uk

“Thanks Diana, I’m feeling good after last nights session, certainly a lot lighter, and definitely much more positive! thank you.”

“Her reading was lovely and accurate. I left feeling very empowered and I can’t wait to book in again.”

~Lydia (Singapore)

“I have seen Diana online for card readings several times and always had a fantastic experience with her! They have always given me great clarity and direction when I’ve most needed it. I would definitely recommend her as they have always left me feeling much more positive for the future and motivated me into achieving my goals.” 
~Sofia (Germany)

“I found my session with Diana to be very positive and a huge help. Her calm manner and voice and her reflective, thoughtful approach gave me some insights and a deeper perspective on the issues we discussed. I felt stronger and more settled after the reading. Thank you.”
~Jake (UK)

Many thanks Diana. That was a really helpful session. A lot to consider, reflect upon and put into action.”
~Robert (Australia)

“Had a superb session with Diana. She was very welcoming and focused well on my needs and made it feel extra personal. I now feel I have clarity over the decisions of my life, and with Diana’s help I feel I can guide myself into the right direction. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks again”

~Alicia 😊 (Canada)

“Thank you for the reading today it has put a lot of things in perspective and gave me food for thought.”
~ Suzanne (UK)

“I have seen Diana Luke online on six occasions over the last 18 months.
Diana has been a great source of help to me over the last months with her psychic gift and counselling. Diana I can’t praise you enough. I have gone through a difficult time workwise, and health wise. All is coming good for me now. I found you online when I was full of anxiety and always felt contented after the reading. Thank you so much xxxx”

~ Liz (Ireland)

“Hi Diana
“Thank you so much I really enjoyed meeting with you online and you really uplifted me. I’m actually in Scarborough with my mum for a couple of days and have brought a notebook with me to start my children’s story.
Best Wishes.”

“I think the pleasure was all mine and thank u again. Best Regards”

“Hi Diana
Thank you for a wonderful reading, gave me a lot to think about.
Look forward to our next meeting. Kind Regards.”

“My recent tarot reading has helped me much more than past psychoanalysis and CBT sessions. Diana certainly has a gift when it comes to tarot cards but please don’t be put off thinking the reading will be all hocus-pocus and eye of newt themed ! The cards are used as a conduit for Diana to identify and then suggest ways to deal with emotional issues. That said, it’s incredible how Diana knows what’s bothering you upon greeting you. Diana is a lovely, genuine, knowledgeable lady who is well trained and qualified in psychological therapies and has many years experience. Because of this, she is able to provide a bespoke service instead of the generic one size fits all.
I’m so thankful that I booked this reading.”
~Katherine R

“Thanks Diana, It was lovely to meet you too. I really enjoyed your reading, it was very positive and informative. Just what I needed! Best wishes”
~Natalie (UK)

“You may recall you helped me last year (actually around a year ago)… You gave me a lot of assistance then & I wonder if I could book another reading pls?”
~Nick (Scotland)

“Thank you for my reading it was brilliant and best one I have had”
~Jade (UK)

“The reading was great I am so pleased that I found you online. I feel a lot better now that I have had the reading.  Thank you so much Diana”
~Sophie (Australia)

“Hi Diana thank you for a lovely reading it hit home a lot and I am going to be more positive. Amazing thank you … take care”.
~Adam (USA)

“Hi Diana  I just wanted to let you know that your consultation with me last Tuesday was a great help in enabling me to start to make the changes necessary for my future happiness. I will be in touch to arrange further sessions with you in the near future. 
Many thanks”
~Debbie (UK)

“Really enjoyed our readings. It’s already shed some personal insights and some of us have begun to see the changes discussed in our readings.
Diana is so warm and friendly and makes you feel completely at ease.
We wholeheartedly recommend Diana.”

~The work team ladies (Online Group / Party booking)

“Thank you so much Diana for the great reading!
I am happy I have find you. Xoxo “
~Simona (Italy)

“Thanks so much! You had amazing insight & your kind manner put my doubting demons to rest! I was quite amazed how you tapped into my question while I never gave anything away! I will definitely contact you again & recommend you!”
~Nick (USA)

“Hi Diana it was such a pleasure to see you again yesterday! I now have a spring in my step. Thank you for such an energising and peaceful time with you”
~Sam (Canada)

“Dear Diana thank you once more for such a wonderful experience of meeting you online. Thank you for your positive energy and great inspiration”
~Monika (Sweden)

“I have got more from one tarot reading with Diana than I have from 2 years of counselling!”
~Jess (UK)

“Thanks for a lovely reading yesterday – I feel more focussed today”
~Sonia (Italy)

“Hiya Diana I had a good night’s sleep and was so relaxed – thank u again. Yr a lovely lady. I’ve given my hairdresser your number and I will recommend you to people.
Thank u for all your help”
~Lainey (Scotland)

“Diana thank you so much for yesterday – we both got a lot of positive energy from our sessions with you. I’m sure we will arrange another session in the future at some point. Thank you again”
~Tom and Rach (UK)

“Very good tarot reading, I must say it was different from any other I’ve had (and much better!), no “you’ll meet a tall dark stranger and have 3 kids!” whilst she was shuffling the cards she asked me to think of what it was I wanted to know and what was weird was this is mainly what the reading related to, she wasn’t in the room when I asked and it wouldn’t have mattered as I didn’t say it out loud, a lot of things were spot on, hopefully we’ll meet again. Well worth a session.”
~ Pat (USA)

“Excellent reading done by Diana I really was speechless by the things that she said. Everything that diana said was true about me she also said a name which  had come to her and it was my aunties name I use to think things like this was a load of rubbish but my gosh it’s not. Some of the things she said you can’t know just by looking at someone I would go back online and have my reading done again and will be going back, totally gifted. Diana is a lovely person and makes you feel ever so welcome, can’t wait to book another reading.”
~Leanne (UK)

“As always your reading was uncannily accurate. You have this wonderful ability of making people feel so relaxed and special. If there was one feeling that I could bottle, that would be it! Thanks again”
~Nic (North Wales)

“I think that I have always been aware that there are some people who are put on this earth to help us, they are extremely rare and very precious. Diana is one of those people. She is totally engaging, has an uncompromising love for the human race and an infectious energy for life. When in her company online she is able at once to relax you and make you feel so at ease that you are able to open up and tell her anything and everything. If you are interested in having a Tarot reading I cannot recommend Diana to you highly enough. I and my family will be forever in her debt and we feel privileged to have known her.”
~John (UK)

“I felt nervous to begin with, and finished feeling moved. Diana described me, my issues and worries exactly and gave me hope for how to resolve my personal stumbling blocks.  She saw through all my ‘masks’ and created the right ambiance for me to acknowledge my demons. I can’t recommend this experience enough.”
~Cathy (Norway)

“Hi Diana I just wanted to say thank you for my reading a couple of weeks ago, I can see why people have called it “Tarot Therapy” and I have certainly taken your advice on-board. You couldn’t have made me feel more relaxed or comfortable if you’d tried! I will certainly let you know how things pan out, and would like to call upon you again at some point in the future. With kindest regards and best wishes”
~Andrew (Scotland)

“Diana is very warm and welcoming and the tarot reading was very accurate and she described me and how I was feeling spot on. She gave helpful advice on how to turn negative thoughts into positive ones. It was very helpful and I would definitely go back again.”
~Clair (UK)

“Hi Diana What can i say except to echo the sentiments of Oscar Wilde, “The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on” so… when there are caring, talented, professional and very intuitive souls like Diana Luke to guide us through life’s interesting curve balls then we are all the more richer and hopefully wiser.”
Thank you Diana

~Ali (Canada)

“Hi Diana. My feedback for you website is that I felt calm and relaxed during the reading and its left me with a happy positive outlook. I loved your reading it was positive, happy and honest.”
~Tasha (Mid Wales)

“Hi Diana it was great thanks we both really enjoyed it, it was very accurate and we both felt quite relieved afterwards! Will definitely be back!”
~Millie and Cat (Australia)

“I can really recommend Diana for tarot readings she is very accurate and well worth consulting”
~Gillian xxx (Singapore)

“You are very good at what you, I left feeling good about myself after you made me realise there is a positive side to me. And I thank you for that.”
~Matt (UK)

“Hi Diana I had a great time, great experience, you have made me look at things positively thank you so much – you’re the best”
~Nicky (Netherlands)

“Hello Diana, Thank you for the reading yesterday, It was very useful and certainly gave me lots of positive things to think about.”
~Alex (USA)

“Hi Diana, It’s nice to meet you, and many thanks for your guidance and advice.  Will get in touch later of how I’m getting on with my life. Best wishes,”
~Brenda (UK)

“Diana is very warm and welcoming and the tarot reading was very accurate and she described me and how I was feeling spot on. She gave helpful advice on how to turn negative thoughts into positive ones. It was very helpful and I would definitely do it again, many thanks”
~Clair (France)

“Hi Diana. Yes I did enjoy my reading. It has given me lots to think about. You seem to be a very intuitive lady. I was astounded that you knew what sort of person I was before the reading had even begun. Can’t wait to see you again.
Thanks so much. X”
~Jayne (UK)

“Just wanted to say thank you for our evening together the other week! I can’t tell you how much happier I feel!! Even in the midst of a super stressful time I feel really positive… thanks Diana!!! “
~Christina (Canada)

“Tarot feedback. After years of being stuck in the past i now feel some hope of a new life and a new me. Diana made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Thankyou for your guidance and sincerity.  I will definitely have a reading in the future sometime.”
~Michelle x (UK)

“Hi Diana – Thanks for the reading it was a moving experience for me, everything you said was so relevant in my life. It made me understand more and I left feeling positive about my life thank you.”
~Seb (Italy)

“Hi Diana – Just letting you know we have a baby on the way!! We’ve been for the 12 week scan this week and found that I am 15 weeks on!! We found out at the end of August so the reading was right!!!! “
~Alison & Steve xxx (Austria)

A big thanks to everyone for allowing me to share their feedback. I do appreciate the honesty and kind words that you all have sent. I am really honoured to help people find their way through life’s troubles.