Booking a Tarot Reading

It’s simple to make a booking for an Online Tarot Card Reading. Using short text messages, is very quick and easy to set up, try it now…

Hi Diana, my name is Ella. I would like to make an online tarot appointment with you. I am available most afternoons for your WhatsApp reading. Many thanks.

Hi Ella, my next availability is Tuesday afternoon at 3:00 is this ok?  Kind Regards, Diana 

Hi Diana yes that would be great at 3.00pm on the Tuesday. Many thanks.

Hi Ella, I have booked you in for your reading on Tuesday @ 3:00. It’s £40 for the half hour reading, payable using BACS 24 hours prior to the reading. Kind Regards, Diana 

Thank you see you on WhatsApp. Many thanks.

This is a typical text conversation to make an online booking for a Tarot Reading. To get in contact, click the blue Message Me Button or use the contact details at the bottom of this page. (If you point your smartphone at the Q Code, it can create a new contact which will add me to your contact list.)

See you online soon, Diana.