Booking a Tarot Reading

It’s so simple to make a booking for an online or face to face Tarot Card Reading. I find that using short text messages, is very quick and easy to set up, try it now…

Hi Diana, my name is Ella. I would like to make a tarot appointment with you. Could you let me know when you are next available for a face to face reading. Many thanks.

Hi Ella, my next availability for a face-to-face reading is Wednesday afternoon from 3:00 or do you need an evening?  Kind Regards, Diana 

Hi Diana yes a face to face would be great at 3.00pm on the Wednesday. Many thanks.

Hi Ella, I have booked you in for your reading on Wednesday @ 3:00. It’s £35 cash for the half hour reading. Kind Regards, Diana 

Thank you see then. Many thanks.

As you can see it’s very easy to make your booking for a Tarot Reading. My physical address is at the bottom of this page, as are the Google driving instructions. If you add your postcode into the box and click the GO button, it will automatically create the directions.

See you soon, Diana.

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