Tarot Card Reader Sheffield

A personal one to one Psychic Tarot card reading can prove to be an invaluable aid when life throws down its challenges, leaving you confused and wanting some direction!

For anyone that has had a reading they will know that, the Tarot cards are very powerful tools in solving problems and can often encourage you towards  healthier and  happier options to a challenging situation.

Tarot Reader Sheffield
Tarot Reading Spread

A simple Tarot spread is all that’s needed to begin the reading process. This attune’s Diana’s psychic and intuitive antenna to the underlying question, be it relationship issues, health problems or financial concerns. These issues can then be brought out into the open and a solution found to help with the problem.

Diana uses the Tarot cards always with the highest intent for your personal development and as she is a professionally trained and accredited therapist as well,  can further enhance your sense of well-being.

Appointment For Tarot Reading

You can have an individual in-depth private tarot reading at my home in Woodseats Sheffield S8 8SU. The usual price is £35.00 for a minimum of thirty minutes. Payment is cash only, please on the day. So please contact Diana by text, email, or telephone to book your Psychic Tarot card reading, now.

Tarot Testimonials

To read more from Diana’s satisfied clients please follow this link to Testimonials Page

Hiya Diana I listened to your MP3 last night and I wanted to thank u I had a good night’s sleep and was so relaxed – thank u again. Yr a lovely lady. I’ve given my hairdresser your number and I will recommend you to people.
Thank u for all your help

Diana thank you so much for Saturday afternoon – we both got a lot of positive energy from our sessions with you. I’m sure we will arrange another session in the future at some point. Thank you again
Tom and Rach

Very good tarot reading, I must say it was different from any other I’ve had (and much better!), no “you’ll meet a tall dark stranger and have 3 kids!” whilst I was shuffling the cards she asked me to think of what it was I wanted to know and what was wierd was this is mainly what the reading related to, she wasn’t in the room when I asked and it wouldn’t have mattered as I didn’t say it out loud, a lot of things were spot on, hopefully we’ll meet again.
Well worth a visit.

Excellent reading done by Diana I really was speechless by the things that she said. Everything that diana said was true about me she also said a name which  had come to her and it was my aunties name I use to think things like this was a load of rubbish but my gosh it’s not. Some of the things she said you can’t know just by looking at someone I would go back and have my reading done again and will be going back, totally gifted. Diana is a lovely person and makes you feel ever so welcome, can’t wait to book another reading.

As always your reading was uncannily accurate. You have this wonderful ability of making people feel so relaxed and special. If there was one feeling that I could bottle, that would be it! Thanks again

I think that I have always been aware that there are some people who are put on this earth to help us, they are extremely rare and very precious. Diana is one of those people. She is totally engaging, has an uncompromising love for the human race and an infectious energy for life. When in her company she is able at once to relax you and make you feel so at ease that you are able to open up and tell her anything and everything. If you are interested in having a Tarot reading I cannot recommend Diana to you highly enough. I and my family will be forever in her debt and we feel privileged to have known her.
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