Booking a tarot Reading is Easy

This is a recent transcript from a genuine new client wishing to create a reservation for a tarot reading. In this instance we were using email, but texting works equally well.

Hi Diana, I am wanting to book a tarot card reading, could you let me know when you are next available. Many thanks.

My next availability is Wednesday February 19th late afternoon from 3:00 up to 4:45 or do you need an evening?  Kind Regards, Diana 

Hi Diana 3.00pm on the 19th would be ok. Many thanks.

I have booked you in for your session on Wednesday February 19th @ 3:00. It’s £35 cash for the half hour reading and you can record it on your phone. My address is 36 Newlyn Road, Woodseats, S8 8SU. See you then. Kind Regards, Diana 

Thank you see then. Many thanks.

Thank you for the reading today it has put a lot of things in perspective and gave me food for thought.

As you can see its very easy to create your own booking for a tarot reading. If you are using your mobile phone, then please choose which method of contact you are most comfortable with. I find texting is very quick and easy…

See you soon Diana.