Relaxation With Tropical Fish

This is the 60L BiOrb tropical fish tank in my meditation room. I have always loved swimming with fish since I discovered snorkelling in Mauritius. Being close to other creatures that are perfectly adapted to their natural surroundings took me into their world. I loved it.

Now I have brought their world into my home and meditation room so myself and my clients can enjoy a glimpse into their watery dimension. It’s truly wonderful. All clients find it very relaxing and inspiring especially if you are a fish lover, but who isn’t?

Finding Your Path

As I Heard It – September 19 2015

Have courage in your beliefs that your path will appear as you request it. But asking to see it blindfolded and without rays of energy encouraging it, will leave you without. Strive forward openly and willingly towards the light that shines on your path.

~Diana Luke

Welcome to my new website

I’ve been thinking about a new website for a long while now, where I can add new content and keep things updated with a few extra pictures. And I also wanted to have the chance to start writing a regular (I don’t like the word…) blog.

So here it is. You are also invited to comment and post your questions and thoughts at the bottom of any page.

I look forward to jotting a few words down as and when appropriate.

Thank you for dropping in