About Diana Luke

Hi and welcome to my Tarot website. My name is Diana and I am a Psychic Intuitive Healer & Tarot Card Reader. I am Canadian by birth and now live in my spiritual home of England as my ancestors did before me. I believe that some of my Native American ancestors work with me, along with other guides,  to provide you with answers and allow you to enjoy your life with greater joy, peace and clarity.

Many years ago I was told by other clairvoyants that I was gifted, particularly with tarot readings so I got my deck of cards, learned and have used them ever since. My cards have been my friends since the 80s. I am a great believer in synchronicity – my kids say it will be on my tombstone as it’s a favourite word of mine. 🙂

I trust that you have come to this website because I have some answers for you and together we can get your life back on track so you can enjoy it more. We have a choice in life – to endure or enjoy and even though these two words sound very similar, they are poles apart. Some people get scared of readings because of past experiences but I believe as my intent is for you to move forwards with greater clarity and purpose in your life, your reading with me is more about personal development, healing and harmony.

Diana with James Van Praagh - Edinborugh
Diana with James Van Praagh – Edinborugh

I have trained as a Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and also Healer, and have also trained at the internationally renowned Arthur Findlay College for Advanced Mediumship. I have also trained with James Van Praagh at the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, Edinburgh.

Here’s an  example of the work I did at the College. I was seated and blindfolded and quietly an individual within the room came and sat in front of me. I did not know if they were male or female. The only way they could communicate with me was to tap my leg once for yes, twice for no and three times for don’t know. I tapped into an energy of a woman who was like a mother, who never wore jeans and always wore long flowing skirts, was well read and had a green gemstone ring. The evening light from a long rectangular window in a room like a bathroom would reflect onto a beautiful ornate mirror in the next room and this is where the sitter would be able to connect with this lady. These are some of the details I received.

When my blindfold was removed, the sitter had happy tears in her eyes. The lady I described to her was her mother in law who she had been very close to. The mirror was as described and had been given to her by her mother in law as had the green gemstone ring which she then showed me on her hand. I was happy to help her connect with her mother in law again and I believe it gave her peace and she was looking forward to returning home to connect with her mother in law with the evening light in her mirror.

Not every sitting or reading is as clear as this as it depends on your energy and whether they are there for you in that moment in time. Sometimes an individual will come for a reading with a specific topic in mind but they will be led to deal with other matters within themselves first. I refuse to ever lie or fabricate material to fit the individual’s requests.  I work with what is given to me.

Often when I do a reading, the Tarot cards are merely a focus for the information coming through for you either psychically or spiritually. I will often tell you things about yourself prior to viewing the cards themselves.

I always work professionally and with the highest regard for your comfort and peace of mind.

I work online nationally and internationally so we can arrange an appropriate time for your reading accordingly. I use Zoom, What’sApp or FaceTime and even Teams if you prefer. Payment is 24 hours prior to the booking and is paid via online banking  (£40)