Diana Luke Psychic Reading

Diana uses the Tarot cards always with the highest intent for your personal development and as she is a professionally trained and accredited therapist as well,  she can further enhance your sense of well-being.

Diana specialises as a one to one Psychic Tarot card reader in her home, in the Sheffield 8, South Yorkshire area.

So please contact Diana by text, email or telephone to book your Psychic Tarot card reading, now.

Diana Luke Tarot Card Reader

A personal one to one Psychic Tarot card reading can prove to be an invaluable aid when life throws down its challenges, leaving you confused and wanting some direction!

For anyone that has had a reading they will know that, the Tarot cards are very powerful tools in solving problems and can often encourage you towards  healthier and  happier options to a challenging situation.

Booking a Tarot Reading

It’s now Summer 2021, and so easy to make a booking for an online or face to face Tarot Card Reading. I find that with a short text message it’s very quick and easy to set up, try it now…

Hi Diana, my name is Ella. I would like to make a tarot appointment with you. Could you let me know when you are next available for a face to face reading. Many thanks.

Hi Ella, I have started face-to-face readings at long last, so my next availability is Wednesday 23th June afternoon from 3:00 or do you need an evening?  Kind Regards, Diana 

Hi Diana 3.00pm on the 23th would be great. Many thanks.

Hi Ella, I have booked you in for your reading on Wednesday 23th June @ 3:00. It’s £35 cash for the half hour reading. Kind Regards, Diana 

Thank you see then. Many thanks.

As you can see it’s very easy to make your booking for a Tarot Reading. My physical address is at the bottom of this page, as are the Google driving instructions. If you add your postcode into the box and click the GO button, it will automatically create the directions.

See you soon, Diana.

Client Tarot Reading Feedback

Hi Diana,
Thank you so much for the audio recording and for the tarot card reading. It is so nice to meet you and I genuinely got so much out of it, it really helped clarify a lot of things in my head but also made me realise where i am now compared to where i was. I wanted to believe this was the case but self doubt and negativity comes in a lot when you go through bad times, and so the tarot card reading really helped me see and think clearer and i am fully determined to take the future by storm. I havent had one before and like most people, was sceptical about it, but not only did you manage to relax me immediately, I also was blown away by what was coming out and how much it related to my current situation. 
Thank you again for this and I will be coming back in due course to see how the cards have changed.
And no problem with you using any of the above on your website, more than happy for that to be shared. Thanks again.”

~Giles (Sheffield)

“I have known Diana for about 3yrs, over this time I have had the privilege of 4 readings. Every single one has been calming, relaxed and I have felt at ease as soon as I walked through the door. Through Diana’s readings I have discovered a lot about myself. The main thing being I can achieve things I only dreamed of previously. I value the sessions I have with her. Having a reading is just like having a conversation with a long standing friend, conversations with Diana helps me make sense of what is happening around me. Things I may not be aware of and helps me put things into context. My intuition is good but I wouldn’t just know. Diana’s readings helps me understand and without her I don’t think I will be able to do what I do/achieve what I have. 
Diana is my go to reader, always…
A big thank you and I will see you soon.
Be blessed”

~ Oli (Online and In Person)

“My recent tarot reading has helped me much more than past psychoanalysis and CBT sessions. Diana certainly has a gift when it comes to tarot cards but please don’t be put off thinking the reading will be all hocus-pocus and eye of newt themed ! The cards are used as a conduit for Diana to identify and then suggest ways to deal with emotional issues. That said, it’s incredible how Diana knows what’s bothering you upon greeting you at the door. Diana is a lovely, genuine, knowledgeable lady who is well trained and qualified in psychological therapies and has many years experience. Because of this, she is able to provide a bespoke service instead of the generic one size fits all.
I’m so thankful that I booked this reading.”
~Katherine R (Sheffield)

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