Diana Luke Psychic Reading

Diana specialises as an online Psychic Tarot Card Reader and she has the ability to read for anyone, anywhere in the world.  She’s been reading the cards for individuals and business clients, since the 1980’s.

Diana uses Tarot Cards as well as other decks, to deliver an in depth reading for your personal development, all with the highest intent. She’s also a professionally trained and highly accredited psychotherapist, and as a result your reading will be enhanced by leaving you with a sense of calmness and well-being.  Many have said, it’s like having Tarot Therapy.

Diana has many satisfied clients, you can read her reviews here.

Diana Luke Tarot Card Reader

A personal one to one Psychic Tarot card reading can prove to be an invaluable aid when life throws down its challenges, leaving you confused and wanting some direction!

For anyone that has had a reading they will know that, the Tarot Cards are very powerful tools in solving problems. They will often show you the way towards healthier and happier options to a challenging situation.

Booking a Tarot Reading

It’s simple to make a booking for an Online Tarot Card Reading. Using short text messages, is very quick and easy to set up, try it now…

Hi Diana, my name is Ella. I would like to make an online tarot appointment with you. I am available most afternoons for your WhatsApp reading. Many thanks.

Hi Ella, my next availability is Tuesday afternoon at 3:00 is this ok?  Kind Regards, Diana 

Hi Diana yes that would be great at 3.00pm on the Tuesday. Many thanks.

Hi Ella, I have booked you in for your reading on Tuesday @ 3:00. It’s £40 for the half hour reading, payable using BACS 24 hours prior to the reading. Kind Regards, Diana 

Thank you see you on WhatsApp. Many thanks.

This is a typical text conversation to make an online booking for a Tarot Reading. To get in contact, click the blue Message Me Button or use the contact details at the bottom of this page. (If you point your smartphone at the Q Code, it can create a new contact which will add me to your contact list.)

See you online soon, Diana.

Cost Of Tarot Card Readings

30 Minute Tarot Reading

Private Tarot Card Reading online – The price is £40.00 for the half hour in depth reading. 

Payment is through BACs. So please contact Diana by text, email,  to book your Tarot Card Reading.

“I think that I have always been aware that there are some people who are put on this earth to help us, they are extremely rare and very precious. Diana is one of those people. She is totally engaging, has an uncompromising love for the human race and an infectious energy for life. When in her company online she is able at once to relax you and make you feel so at ease that you are able to open up and tell her anything and everything. If you are interested in having a Tarot reading I cannot recommend Diana to you highly enough. I and my family will be forever in her debt and we feel privileged to have known her.”
~John (UK)

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Get In Touch With Diana

Contact me now for your Psychic Tarot Readings Online, you can be anywhere in the world.

Mobile: +44794 833 6993

E-mail: diana@dianaluke.co.uk

Diana Luke Online Tarot Card Reading Worldwide

Diana Luke Online Tarot Card Readings Worldwide

To request an online appointment, simply click the blue Message Me button. I will reply by text as soon as possible, to confirm the date and time of your Online Tarot Card Reading, using the red BST clock below.